Start with a Starter Plant: Calling All Green Thumb Do-Gooders!

City life doesn’t mean that you can’t spy a bit of green here and there. Amid the concrete, brick, and asphalt, Baltimore City has gardens all around – you just have to know where to look.

And if you’re having trouble, consider growing some green in your own home.

Moveable Feast began its Garden Program last year, with a two-fold purpose: to grow fresh produce for use in our nutritious meals and grocery bags, and to engage people in their local community gardens. With Year 2 of the Garden Program now swinging into full gear, we’ve obtained even more acreage, and it’s an ideal time to get involved.

Duncan Street Miracle Garden, where Moveable Feast has a plot.

An easy way is by growing a starter plant. Choose from our extensive list of produce options, plant some seeds, and tend to the seedling as it grows and matures. If you need help along the way, you can always contact any of our three dietitians for advice. In May, when the last frost has passed, you can transplant your seedling into our gardens. Summer rains and heat will help your plant to grow and yield produce for our clients!

We kick-off the spring planting season at the end of March, after which you can volunteer in our gardens anytime. Right now, we’re looking for volunteers to help set up the garden. In particular, this involves rehabilitating the garden by weeding and adding soil and compost.

Pepper and tomato starter plants - easy to grow at home.

For more information about growing a starter plant and volunteering in our garden, please visit our website.

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