Bottom Line: Smoking is Unhealthy

The researchers looked at data for nearly 150,000 women over 30 years. The research was lauded for its large size, which made the results quite reliable.

Robert Pattinson smoking an electronic cigarette, which is not associated with any health risks. (c) Examiner.com
The researchers found that "pre-menopausal heavy smokers had a 6% increase in breast cancer malignancy."

Light or moderate smoking and second-hand smoke were not found as significant factors for cancer, however.

In the past, studies have suggested that smoking can help reduce levels of estrogen a hormone that can stimulate the onset of breast cancer. In fact, women have been known to smoke after menopause, thinking that it reduces the risk of breast cancer!

Research results about breast cancer and smoking have a long history of being conflicting and confusing. What's Moveable Feast's final conclusion about the topic? Not much is definitively known yet about how smoking affects breast cancer, and overall, it's better to not smoke.

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