Debbie's Garden

Moveable Feast receives fresh produce from a Baltimore City community garden tended by longtime volunteers at Moveable Feast. This is the story of the Lake Garden, written by one of our volunteers.

It was a very sad day on our block when it filtered out that our neighbor, Debbie had succumbed to her cancer. Debbie had just had her first child, a beautiful girl named Anjolie, a year earlier.

Months later we watched as Debbie's cherished garden grew wild, choked with weeds and fell apart.

Paul, her husband – an emergency room doctor attempting to raise their child – had no time for such trivial matters.

I approached him and asked if perhaps I could help out and clean the garden. Not being a gardener, I asked another neighbor to assist so that I would not pull out the wrong plants. She suggested that we give the garden purpose and plant some vegetables.

With Paul's permission, we proceeded.

The Lake Garden in 2010.

As we worked, other neighbors gravitated to the garden, making suggestions or digging right in to help. People that had previously done little more than wave in passing…became fast friends.

When our crops began to flourish one of the gardeners suggested donating some of our food to Moveable Feast, and it was well received by your chef.

That was our first year.

This year we are donating the majority of our crop to Moveable Feast . Of course, a few tomatoes or lettuce may end up in a neighbor's salad bowl, but the bulk will go to your worthy cause. Paul was quite gracious about this.

Last year we made a plaque for the garden: "In Memory of Debbie.” We watched proudly from our window as Paul showed off the plaque and garden to his friends.

This year the garden will have a dual purpose. To sustain the memory of a wonderful lady and to support your exceptional cause.

The Lake Garden in its current state, getting ready to be planted in the springtime!
Written by Sue and collaborated by Jeanne, neighbors to Debbie and Paul and current tenders to the Lake Garden in Baltimore City.

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