Diabetics and Breast Cancer

Researchers contributing to the Journal of Clinical Oncology have found that breast cancer patients with pre-existing diabetes had a higher mortality rate

In fact, they were 50% more likely to die than patients without diabetes. 

Researchers have not yet figured out exactly why diabetes contributes to breast cancer mortality, but they have some ideas: 
  • Women with Type-II diabetes tend to have their breast cancer diagnosed later than women without diabetes.
  • Diabetes weakens the body, making it more susceptible to bad side effects of chemotherapy.
  • Doctors are less willing to use aggressive cancer treatments on diabetics because they are apt to have negative health effects overall.
  • Type-II diabetes often causes obesity and elevated insulin levels, which may have an impact on the breast cancer.

Here at Moveable Feast, we see and understand the health complications that our breast cancer clients can face. We are glad we can help provide nutritious meals and dietetic advice to improve their health and ability to battle cancer. 

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