Bringing Joy

10-year supporter, Rider, and Board Member, Becky Abernathy, gives us a peek into one of the many ways Moveable Feast supporters go above and beyond for our clients this time of year. Below is an email update from her regarding the adopt-a-family efforts led by the CSC, GDIT, and Ascentia DECC Program Communications Team -- with extra support from Team Atomic.

Wrapped and Ready

I thought this picture might make you all smile. My coworkers and I just finished sorting and wrapping gifts for our families. The bags and two of the big boxes are full of groceries and toiletries. The other boxes are all gifts. (And more are coming tonight from some of my Team Atomic teammates!) We managed to get every gift on their wish lists and then some, plus at least one outfit, hats, gloves, and scarves for each of them. In addition, we've collected over $600 in Visa gift cards to divide between the families, which should help them out with the myriad expenses that pop up or other needs we couldn't meet.

I keep thinking about what Tom Mayer said at our board meeting the other night--that asking people to give is actually offering them an opportunity to grow. I guess that's why as people have been dropping these items off, they've been thanking me at the same time. Amazing.

Anyway, just wanted to share. I hope this helps bring some joy to these families; it certainly brought joy to us!  I hope you have a safe and wonderful Christmas, and a happy and prosperous new year.