Thankful for your food? Fight hunger today.

Happy Thanksgiving! Today we're thankful that Moveable Feast is able to serve over one thousand clients with nutritious meals, groceries, nutritional counseling, and transportation services. This morning, several volunteers helped us to deliver special Thanksgiving meals to our clients and families, and last Saturday, we delivered delicious Thanksgiving turkeys to clients as well. We are thankful for our strong volunteer base and for the support of thousands of people throughout Maryland and the USA!

Here is another way that you can help us during this Holiday season. The Walmart Foundation has had an ongoing "Fighting Hunger Together" campaign worth a $2 billion commitment. 

Part of this campaign is a Facebook competition among the most hunger-stricken communities across the country. Walmart will donate $1 million in funding to the community with the most votes, and $100,000 to the next five runner-ups. 

All you have to do is "Like" the Baltimore-Towson, MD region on Facebook to cast your vote. We're currently ranked at #48 in the nation, so we need all the help you can give!

Click here to vote for our region and support the Maryland Food Bank and Moveable Feast! 

And tell your Facebook friends about this campaign - one click is all it takes.  

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