Black Friday is just around the bend. What's #1 on our wish-list? It's not that new Blu-Ray TV. Or that Maytag washing machine. Or even a new iPod. Nope. What do we want more than anything? What item could possibly make 2011 the coolest year ever? 

Team Atomic, from Ride for the Feast, has created the 2011 Atomic Bombshells pin-up calendar, featuring the Riders in fabulous poses and attire to boot. This is the gift of the year, and the most unique calendar you'll ever own.

The calendars will go on sale around Black Friday at select bookstores, including Atomic Books, NV Salon Collective, Ma Petite Shoe, Kiss and Makeup, Meadow Mill Athletic Club, Baltimore Tattoo Museum, and Joe's Bike Shop. The calendars will also be sold online at www.TeamAtomic.org.

Each calendar costs just $20, and all proceeds go to Moveable Feast. The sale of an individual calendar will feed another human being suffering from HIV/AIDS or breast cancer for more than FIVE days

Plus, we're fairly certain you'll have the coolest cubicle on the block once you hang up the Atomic Bombshells.

There are a limited number of calendars, so get yours soon! 

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