Spinners for Dinners - THIS WEEKEND

Moveable Feast's largest fundraiser is the Ride for the Feast, held in May of each year. Bicyclists ride 140 miles and 100% of funds raised go toward feeding our clients. Getting ready for such a big bicycle ride takes a lot of training and practice on our Riders's part. 

Here's a great training opportunity to get started - the Canton Club 24 Hour Spinners for Dinners event! Participants will be bicycling for 24 hours straight to raise funds for the Maryland Food Bank. The event will also include a virtual food drive, where online donations can be designated for a purchase of a particular food item. The cost for participants is $15 and includes an event shirt & a ticket for a door prize.

So how's this event related to Moveable Feast? One of our Riders, Andy Bujanda (on Team With A Purpose), will be teaching some of the Spin classes! Team With A Purpose was a great Ride for the Feast team last year. 

Andy will be teaching the Spin classes on:
  • Friday, November 5th - 10:00PM
  • Saturday, November 6th - 7:00AM
Team With A Purpose
Read the ABC2 news report on Spinners for Dinners! And check out Team With A Purpose's blog

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