Weekly Health Tip: Slimming Down Sushi

Sushi is delicious and definitely better for you than a Big Mac or KFC Fried Chicken. I Ambassadored for the lunch hour at Minato Sushi Bar on N. Charles Street for Dining Out For Life 2010, and would definitely recommend it!

But there are some aspects of a sushi meal that are not always so healthy.

  1. Regular soy sauce. 1 tablespoon contains about 900 mg of sodium. Cut down by using low-sodium soy sauce, often designated by a green cap in the restaurants.
  2. Imitation wasabi. Surprise, surprise. That little green pat of paste on your plate might not be the real thing. Check with your server in a polite manner, and if it's imitation, be sure to request the real deal. Imitation wasabi contains oil, extra sugars, and lactose. 
  3. Tempura rolls. All that fried dough for the tempura adds a lot of calories, fat, and sodium. Swap for a regular roll, with fish roe (fish eggs).
  4. Rolls containing cream cheese. There are many rumors floating about as to how these came to exist in Japanese sushi culture. A common story is that it originates from a Japanese and South American food fusion. Regardless, the cream cheese (or sometimes mayo) add a lot of fat to the meal. Swap for healthier rolls with only fish and vegetable. Suggestions include tuna sashimi, cucumber rolls, and California rolls.
Happy eating!

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