BONUS Weekly Health Tip: Healthy Halloween Treats

Here are some great ideas for healthy Halloween snacks. Kids will love these...and parents, you will too! 

Veggie Skellie 
Create a skeleton with vegetable sticks on a long platter dish. Sticks of carrots and cucumbers do great for limbs. Try raisins or cherry tomatoes for eyes, and red pepper strips for the ribcage. If you're feeling especially daring, slice jalapeno peppers - the long way - and use them for feet and hands. Use low-fat vegetable dressings in Halloween-themed bowls.

Pumpkin Brain Soup
These needs to be done on a long, breezy weekend day. Take the kids out to the pumpkin patch and have them pick out a pumpkin. Spend the day carving the pumpkin - you can Google cut-out patterns for the pumpkin face, if necessary. Whip up a soup with the "pumpkin brains" and have the little ones help out as you cook the "brain goo" into a delicious soup. Add other vegetables and chicken for a healthy, filling dinner.

Melon Brains
Purchase a small, round watermelon. Start by peeling off the green skin. Then use a knife to gradually carve the watermelon's shell into the crevices and folds of the brain. For extra Halloween spookiness, rest the melon in a large shallow pan of red fruit punch ("blood"). Float olives for eyes. 

I Vant to Sssssuck Your Blood
If you're having a Halloween party, you can easily make straws to be Vampire themed! At the top and bottom of the straw, cut out small triangles beginning at the rim, to imitate fangs. The kids will be slurping away all night. Red fruit punch is a must.

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