Moveable Feast's Autumn Donation Drive

Hey readers!

Wasn't it great to have that 3-to-5 pound dumbbell handy when you wanted to try out the Hip Hinge workout this week?

Many of our clients struggle with maintaining their lean body mass as they fight HIV/AIDS or breast cancer. Keeping a healthy body weight is incredibly important in battling their diseases. In fact, loss of weight due to HIV/AIDS even has its own name - "wasting syndrome." It's common among clients that do not exercise enough! Exercising helps the body stay strong and upholds a healthy immune system.

This autumn, you can help out Moveable Feast's clients maintain their healthy body weight - donate your extra exercise equipment. In particular, we're looking for free-weight dumbbells and exercise bands. 

Don't worry, with some of the healthful, low-fat Thanksgiving recipes we'll be posting next month, you won't even need that equipment to keep fit and fabulous! 

We're also collecting a number of other items for our clients, so check out the Facebook Event Page: Moveable Feast's Autumn Donation Drive | Facebook Events.

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