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Today, we're thinking about how lucky we are to work with a local Baltimore organization - the Center for Community Technology Services (CCTS). Moveable Feast enlisted their services a few months ago to help redesign our website (check out our old website at http://www.mfeast.org). 

The Internet, more than ever, is a linchpin for an organization's success. Individuals in a community have reams of information electronically available through their computers. A person seeking to donate funding might have countless nonprofits to choose from, thanks to high-powered search engines like Google, YouTube, and Twitter.

Moveable Feast was established in 1989. In the decade following its inception, the website of a nonprofit probably didn't hold much sway. Few people knew how to use the Internet to search effectively for information. 

Today, however, the website is often the first "face" of an organization to the public. Forget that old YellowPages book. If I want to learn about a group, the first thing I do is Google it. Gone are the days of simple hearsay and word-of-mouth - if you're not well-established on the World Wide Web, no one knows about you. 

Moveable Feast and CCTS are working together to launch our new website soon. Stay tuned for a sneak peek - screenshots of the new website in action! 

Part of CCTS's mission statement is to "apply technological innovations for social good" and to "bring digital equity to all communities and schools in the Baltimore area." For more information about CCTS, please visit CCTSbaltimore.org

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