Weekly Health Tip: Eat Color-full

How colorful is your meal?
As we finish up the first week of National Nutrition Month, our Dietitians want to encourage you to shape up your plate one day at a time by ensuring that your meal is colorful and tantalizing. There are countless benefits of eating a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables. An important one is fighting diseases, which Moveable Feast is passionate about.
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How do colorful vegetables fight diseases?
The pigments that give these foods their vibrant colors help to shield us from all sorts of toxins and chemicals. Those pigments consist of phytochemicals, which enables the body to fight diseases.

Our Dietitians came up with a list of colorful vegetables that you can try to incorporate in your diet.

GREEN: Fights Cancer and Age-related diseases
1.       Kale
2.       Asparagus
3.       Spinach
4.       Avocado*
5.       Swiss Chard

*Avocado is botanically a fruit, but nutritionally a vegetable.

RED: Reduces prostate cancer, boosts immune system
1.       Tomatoes
2.       Beets
3.       Radishes
4.       Peppers
5.       Radicchio

WHITE: Reduces the risk of getting some cancers and activates B and T cells
1.       Jicama (Mexican Yam)
2.       Mushrooms
3.       Potatoes
4.       Parsnips
5.       Cauliflower

With one colorful vegetable at a time, you will feel full, fight disease and restore your health.

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