Blood Cancer Patients Face Drug Shortages

Have you heard about drug shortages in the U.S. this year? According to an article in CityWatch, Methotrexate, a vital drug used to treat cancers, is one of them. The shortage is linked to one of the biggest Methotrexate manufacturing plants, which shut down because it did not pass inspection in November.  It’s hard to think about the consequences of not having access to Methotrexate -which is effective in treating adults and especially children with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). A number of our clients- served in partnership with There Goes My Hero – are fighting blood cancer and may rely on this very treatment to regain their health. 

Photo credit goes to InsideCounsel

 What’s being done about it?
Luckily, the FDA is working on the availability of a preservative-free form of Methotrexate from new suppliers.

More drug shortages are posted on the FDA’s website.

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