September is Hunger Action Month

Can you count how many times a week the words “I’m hungry” come out of your mouth? At Moveable Feast we’re guilty of it too; we’re ‘hungry’ while waiting in the microwave line to heat up our lunches or when sauntering up to our volunteer manager’s office to see what extra snacks he has to offer in between meals. Food is certainly crucial for all of us, but unlike our clients, not many of us have experienced the pangs of true hunger or the anxiety over finding our next meal.  

That’s why September as Hunger Action Month is so important. It’s a chance to put things into perspective for the fortunate among us and a chance to take action to help the over 500,000 Marylanders living below the federal poverty level.  While only a week and a half remains in September, there are a number of ways to participate:

1.       Dine Out & Save Lives
Moveable Feast’s 18th Annual Dining Out for Life event is tomorrow, September 22nd! Eating out with friends, family and coworkers Thursday is one easy way to FEED people, FIGHT disease and FOSTER hope. There are over 40 participating restaurants who will be donating 20-50% of proceeds to Moveable Feast. Click here for the full list.

2.       Food Stamp Challenge
While Maryland Hunger Solutions’ official Food Stamp Challenge started Monday, you can still check out their online Food Stamp Challenge Diary. These articles are written by people who commit to the challenge of feeding themselves for a week on a $30 budget (the average amount of food stamps people get in MD). Their diary entries will provide a glimpse into some of the challenges that food insecure people face on a daily basis.

3.       Feeding America
Help Feeding America, a nationwide network of food banks, spread the word about Hunger Action Month by watching their celebrity videos (one of which is below) and sharing them with your friends. Their goal is to reach 1 million people by 9/30/11.  

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