Feeding More People

Early this month, Moveable Feast expanded our list of community partnerships and clients by joining forces with Feeding the People, a local non-profit that provides services for low-income diabetics.

Moveable Feast is pleased to provide diabetic-appropriate meals for up to ten Baltimore area clients, the cost of which is subsidized by Feeding the People. If you yourself or any friends or family members struggle with diabetes, you know how important nutrition is in maintaining both day-to-day and long-term health.

As noted on Feeding the People’s website, low income diabetics face three major obstacles to managing their nutritional needs:
1.       The high cost of fresh, unprocessed whole foods;
2.       The prohibitive expense of frequent trips to the grocery store to purchase perishable foods; and
3.       The lack of intensive, ongoing, nutritional guidance and education.

As poorly managed diets can lead diabetics to have a number of serious complications, including obesity, kidney disease and strokes, the meals we provide, paired with the education and support services offered by Feeding the People, will save lives.

To learn more about the great work Feeding the People is doing, click here.

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