Making Birthdays Sweet with Dia de los Cupcakes

Birthdays represent so many different things to different people; an exciting day to be celebrated, a marker of age and growing older, a time to indulge in guilt-free sugary deliciousness. For men, women and children living with HIV/AIDS or cancer, like those we serve at Moveable Feast, a birthday means another year of life lived, another four seasons witnessed. Despite the hardships of poverty and the daily struggle with illness, reaching another birthday means victory and hope. 

A few months ago, to recognize these very important milestones, we started delivering a birthday card to our clients on their special day along with the usual meals. But just this week, Dia de los Cupcakes, a vegan cupcakery based in Catonsville, took these celebratory efforts to the next level. After learning about our mission, Liz Barr, the owner of Dia de los Cupcakes, offered to join our cause by donating birthday cupcakes. An expert at creating tasty vegan cupcakes, she had no trouble crafting cupcakes for our clients, which will be presented during the first delivery of each client’s birthday month. This Monday, we celebrated 12 birthdays through Liz’s first batch of specialty cupcakes. We are so happy to have Dia de los Cupcakes on board, helping to make each important birthday for our clients a little sweeter.      

If you have an idea or talent you’d like to share to brighten our clients’ days, please contact Tom Patrick at tpatrick@mfeast.org.  

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