RED MAPLE Chewpons Deal!

Hey folks! Don't miss out on this great Chewpons deal to benefit Moveable Feast!

Rated 3.5/4 stars by Baltimore Sun restaurant critics and named "The Hottest Spot in Mt. Vernon," Red Maple is simply the place to dine, drink, and lounge.

The current Chewpons coupon is a 50%-off deal: for $15, get $30 worth of food and drink. Discover the Fireside Lounge, Rainbow Room, and Dance Floor at Red Maple....enjoy global-fusion small dishes, elaborate desserts, and signature drinks...all while benefiting Moveable Feast. How? A portion of your Chewpons online purchase will directly benefit us!

This Chewpons deal is only available for one week, so get yours today! Click HERE to buy!

Special thanks to Chewpons.com for their support of Moveable Feast services.

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