Dining Out For Life 2011

Dining out at a restaurant has become commonplace in our daily lives. 

When we can't figure out what to concoct for dinner, or we don't have time to cook, we simply hop in our cars and drive to the nearest carry-out joint. Easy peasy.

And even when it's a planned excursion, indulging is typical. Spent a few extra bucks on a dessert mousse at that new cafe? Ordered the 16-oz. instead of the 12-oz. steak? Not a big deal - we might go home with a few less dollars in our wallets, but that delightful feeling of fullness? Priceless.

For some, however, that "full" feeling does not come so easily. Moveable Feast is, at its core, a hunger organization that feeds people living with HIV/AIDS, breast cancer, blood cancer, and other life-threatening conditions. Proper, regular nutrition is crucial to their ability to fight disease. 

Our clients are so poor that their next meal is not as simple as "What do I want to cook for dinner tonight?" or "Where can I buy something quick to eat?" Rather, our clients face dilemmas such as: "Where will I find the money to even buy groceries?" or "How will I cook when I'm too weak to get out of bed?" or simply "I have no friends or family. Who will feed and take care of me while I am so terribly sick?"


How can you help? Dining Out For Life (DOFL) is an annual fundraiser to benefit Moveable Feast. Now in its 18th year in the Baltimore Metro area, it is your opportunity to dine out and help those who, without the services of Moveable Feast, would not have the opportunity to feed themselves properly, much less dine out at a restaurant. 

How does Dining Out For Life work? Simply dine out at a participating restaurant on September 22nd, 2011. The restaurant will donate 20-50% of your bill to Moveable Feast, in support of our lifesaving nutritious meal delivery programs. And that's it! No extra money spent on your part - simply dine out to save lives.

How can I get even more involved? We are searching for enthusiastic Ambassadors to support DOFL. Ambassadors are stationed at their favorite restaurant (given participatory status and availability) to promote Moveable Feast and DOFL - passing out informational materials, speaking with patrons about our mission, etc. Ambassadors are also expected to help populate the restaurant by encouraging friends and family to dine out. Contact Amanda Fisher (afisher@mfeast.org ; 410-327-3420 x11) if you are interested!

Do you yourself own a restaurant in Baltimore or the surrounding areas? If you'd like to get your restaurant involved in Dining Out For Life, please click here for more information and to register. 

What participating restaurants are saying: 
  • "Great event for a great cause! It increases business so it's win-win for everyone!" - Clementine 
  • "The feeling of goodwill can't be beat. By going full force at 50%, the restaurant at Moveable Feast both win. Most people want to go to the places giving the most." - Woodberry Kitchen

So on September 22nd, join us in Dining Out For Life. Help us to provide that cozy feeling of fullness to our clients that we are so lucky to enjoy!

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