Start of Season One!

Check out this rough cut of the first episode, "The Chiosi Family." The episode beautifully sets up the rest of the season and catches you with a heartwarming story of a family stricken by a destructive fire in their homes. While this episode doesn't focus on Moveable Feast, keep an eye out for shots of the Moveable Feast offices, kitchens, and even our Executive Director Tom Bonderenko.

Good Fellas of Baltimore -- Episode 1: Up From The Ashes from Good Fellas of Baltimore on Vimeo.

The Good Fellas TV show is all about showing viewers how easy it is to get involved in their communities. The Good Fellas are just a bunch of regular Baltimore guys - with one defining characteristic. They take initiative to search out those in need, reach out to their colleagues and business partners, and achieve a solution.

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