Weekly Health Tip: Apples for the Wintertime

Winter is a good time for apples, which are now available in many varieties depending on your source. While perhaps our best known American fruit, we should appreciate their nutrient value. 

Whole apples with skin can help regulate blood sugar through various mechanisms. 

Although apples are not particularly high in fiber, it appears that the soluble fiber pectin may interact with other apple nutrients to help lower blood lipids to an extent associated with higher fiber content.  Scientists are not sure what particular combination of phytonutrients is behind this effect. The benefits are found in whole apples---not apple juice or apple sauce

Apples also support digestion by nourishing healthy gut flora---the good "bugs" in our gut

The ultimate "fast food," apples can be sliced and eaten with peanut butter for a quick, healthy, phytonutrient- and protein-rich snack.

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