Today is National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

Today, February 7th, is National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. We encourage all readers and supporters to visit the Black AIDS Day website and participate in testing, education, and outreach events today.

Why is this day so important? African Americans are disproportionally affected by HIV/AIDS, far more so than any other race/ethnic group - in statistics such as access to treatment, new infection rates, mortality, and prevention.
  • African Americans represent 13% of the general U.S. population...but 46% of the Americans living with HIV/AIDS are black. 
  • Rates of new HIV/AIDS infection are far higher for black men and black women (see graph).
  • 1 in 16 black men will be diagnosed with HIV/AIDS in their lifetime.
  • 1 in 30 black women will be diagnosed with HIV/AIDS in their lifetime. 
  • HIV is the 9th leading cause of death for all black people.
  • HIV is the 3rd leading cause of death for middle-aged black people (35-44 y/o). 

Source: Center for Disease Control
HIV/AIDS impacts the African American population to a greater extent than to other racial or ethnic groups. African Americans experience higher rates of risk factors that can contribute to HIV infection, including:
  • Poverty
  • Limited Access to Healthcare
  • Little HIV Education
  • Lower Levels of HIV Awareness
  • Stigma
  • Higher Rates of STD Infection
  • Injectable Drug Use
  • Risky Sexual Habits
Here at Moveable Feast, over 90% of our clients are African American - we see these statistics on a firsthand basis. It's important to get tested regularly, seek treatment if necessary, and be proactive in one's community to spread awareness about HIV/AIDS.

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