Moveable Feast and World AIDS Day

December 1st is recognized across the globe as World AIDS Day. Each year, Moveable Feast takes part in the World AIDS Day celebration events occurring in Baltimore. We do this to remember the 47 million people worldwide, including more than 1.7 million here at home in the United States, who have AIDS or who have died from AIDS.

Baltimore is home to 47% of the Maryland AIDS population, which almost tops 30,000 people. Across the country, Baltimore is ranked at #21 for population size, but #5 for HIV incidence.  Moveable Feast and the Partnership for Life are working to increase awareness of this very real problem in Baltimore.
This year, the Baltimore World AIDS Day Celebration occurs on December 1st at the Mount Vernon Place United Methodist Church, beginning at 6:30PM. The theme this year is “Celebrate, Remember and Educate.” Two hours of remembrance, performances, poetry, dances, and speakers will honor those who have died because of AIDS, or are currently afflicted by the disease.

Moveable Feast will be present at Mount Vernon Place United Methodist Church in an educational and support capacity. 

New to the program this year is a reception afterwards at the Walters Art Museum. During this reception, a very special mosaic mural will be unveiled. Members of the Greater Baltimore HIV community have created this mosaic in honor of people affected by HIV/AIDS.

The Baltimore World AIDS Day celebration starts at 6:30PM at the Mount Vernon Place United Methodist Church, 10 E. Mt Vernon Place, Baltimore MD 21202. Free parking is available at the Peabody Garage, 600-block of St. Paul Street at Centre Street.

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