Special Thanks to CurlyRed

On August 12th, local graphic design company CurlyRed held a happy hour at Blarney Stone Pub. But this was no normal happy hour – it doubled as a food drive, where people could also bring donations for Moveable Feast. In particular, we asked for cans of tuna in water, peanut butter, and boxes of macaroni & cheese.

The happy hour featured discounts on many drinks. Despite the rainy weather, there was still a turnout of about fifteen people! A large box of food products was collected for Moveable Feast. Guinness beers and margaritas were enjoyed by all – what a great way to spend a Thursday afternoon after work.

We spoke to Kendall Ludwig, the owner of CurlyRed, about her desire to help Moveable Feast. She heard about us through a Baltimore City Chamber of Commerce networking breakfast that was held at our building at 901 N. Milton Avenue. Kendall was “blown away” by our organization, and in particular, how many people Moveable Feast services. She says, “It's amazing how much they can do with such limited resources and relatively small space to make it all happen” – quite a compliment!

She started to think of ways she could help, and e-mailed our director, Tom Bonderenko, for more ideas. Kendall’s intern had a connection to Blarney Stone Pub in Fells Point, through whom she was able to arrange the happy hour and drink specials to benefit Moveable Feast. Kendall says that she “hopes to find new and innovative ways to help Moveable Feast.”

Kendall really did a great job with this happy hour. Anyone else who has a great idea to help us can contact Tom and share it with him; his door and inbox are always open!  

About CurlyRed: CurlyRed is a 4-year-old local graphic design company that works with people and businesses to create fresh, captivating and timeless design with great personal service. Discover samples and testimonials at www.curlyred.com or contact Kendall at kendall@curlyred.com.

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