Weekly Health Tip from our Dietitians

Our lovely dietitians Jinee, Sara, and Betty have volunteered to post a weekly health tip about any health topic. This week, we have a tip they use from personal trainer Elijah Sacra. 

Yoga Seated Spinal Twist
We all spend our lives sitting, standing, and lying in a linear fashion.  This can cause tension in the back and weaken your abdominal muscles.  Most back injuries happen when people either twist to pick something up or even just twist to the side.  A great way to combat injury, and strengthen the core is the Yoga Seated Spinal Twist.  From a tall seated position in a chair, reach your hand to the outside of your opposite leg.  Use your hand as a lever to slowly twist your body to one side and hold.  Inhale and exhale through the nose five times while maintaining good posture.  Repeat on the other side.  Enjoy!

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