Mark Paul: Counting my Blessings

Saturday I went to the Waverly market – the market was filled with the bounty of summer.  Squash of every color, tomatoes of every shape and size, fruit galore and more.  It is the time of year when I buy bushels of tomatoes and make my tomato sauce to can for the winter months.  Loaded up with bags of all sorts of tomatoes, garlic and basil, I came home and started cooking.  After cooking on Saturday, Sunday night I did not feel like making dinner, so I ordered in Chinese.

My weekend may not seem extraordinary in any way – I picked up fresh produce, cooked, and decided to order food in for dinner.  But for other people in our community struggling with a life threatening disease and little means – access to nutritional meals is a daily struggle.  Without proper nourishment, HIV, breast cancer and other diseases can thrive and take advantage of someone’s disadvantage.

By supporting Moveable Feast, I support those in our community who need our help.  Moveable Feast provides over 52,000 meals a month (13,000 per week) to our clients – many of whom would have no other means or the energy to prepare nutritious meals for themselves.   I think about our clients living alone faced with the stigma of being HIV positive – where a hug and support from MF's driver delivering meals makes the world of difference because it shows someone cares about them.  I think about the stories of mothers fighting breast cancer whose children meet our driver at the door to receive meals for the family and the children, even at a young age, who will heat up the meals for the family.

My visit to the market and my cooking this weekend reminded me that I am blessed. I am blessed by the little things in life  – I just need to remember that more often.

Mark Paul Lehman is on the Board of Directors of Moveable Feast.

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