#GivingTuesday: How to put your leftovers to good use

You already know all about Black Friday and Cyber Monday...but this year there's a new special day on the holiday calendar: #GivingTuesday. With the belief that the holidays can be about both giving - and - giving back, charities, retailers, corporations and more are banding together to advance a national day of giving on November 27 (the Tuesday after Thanksgiving).

In honor of our first #GivingTuesday, Moveable Feast is asking people like you to Eat in. Help out.

Here's the plan. On our Facebook page, between Thanksgiving and #GivingTuesday, we'll be posting creative recipes that incorporate turkey-day leftovers. With these great ideas in your pocket, you can pack your lunch and/or make a meal at home instead of eating out. We're asking that on Tuesday the 27th you donate the money you would have spent on a meal out to Moveable Feast.

Your "meal money" will then go towards putting food on the table for someone else. Pretty cool, right?

Here's a poster that explains it all. Take a look and share with your friends:

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