Moveable Feast Honored with Henrietta Lacks Memorial Award

On Saturday, October 6, Moveable Feast stood before a packed auditorium to receive the 2nd annual Henrietta Lacks Memorial Award. This award, presented by the Johns Hopkins Urban Health Institute, recognized our valuable work with Johns Hopkins (through Ride for the Feast team Fierce Chicks Rock) to deliver healthy meals to severely ill patients after they leave the hospital doors. 

The award comes with a $15,000 grant that we will use to strengthen our collaboration with the Oncology Center at Johns Hopkins and to deliver more life-saving meals to men and women with cancer.

Thank you for making all this work possible. Take a look at the great video they showed at the award ceremony.


Marjorie P Burch said...
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Marjorie P Burch said...

You are doing a wonderful job by providing meals to cancer effected men and women. It is good to know that someone is at least their who takes care of cancer effected people.

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