Cupcakes, Cards and Holiday Cheer

Yesterday, November 17th, over 40 amazing IIDA and BOMA volunteers entered the fray at our kitchens again. Every November for the past few years, this enthusiastic crew picks a night to take over Moveable Feast and prepare festive treats for our clients.

This year, they had a large task ahead; decorating and beautifully packaging 1,800 Thanksgiving cupcakes. With only three hours to work (and powered by delicious treats provided by Absolutely Perfect Catering), our dedicated volunteers managed to not only prepare and package hundreds of cupcakes, but they also created charming holiday cards and sorted through items they had collected through a food drive. The donated goods alone are enough to offset our grocery purchasing for the rest of the year! We can’t thank our volunteers enough for helping to make the holidays a little sweeter for our clients.

Take a look at some of the highlights from the event!  

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