222 More Meals

Yesterday we posted about the many Thanksgiving treats we’re preparing for our clients this week as well as what we are incredibly thankful for- supporters like YOU. (Read yesterday’s post here.)

Today- with Thanksgiving only a day away - GiveCorps is giving us a chance to fund 777 meals for our neighbors in need AND to give back to those who donate ($10 off at Alonso’s & Loco Hombre!). During our first promotion on GiveCorps, a Baltimore-based website guided by the idea of “Give Local. Get Local.,” we reached our goal of $1,000 in one day. Now, we’re trying to raise just $400 more to provide 222 additional meals.  

How can you help?
1.       Make an online donation to our Moveable Feast project “Providing Hope Through Meals” on GiveCorps.

2.       Mail a check payable to the GiveCorps Foundation with “Moveable Feast” in the memo line to: The GiveCorps Foundation, PO Box 5606 Baltimore, MD 21210.

3.       Mobilize your network by pushing the project to your Facebook and Twitter communities!

As you look forward to feasting with your family this Thanksgiving, help us make sure that others are able to enjoy a healthy holiday meal as well.  
Here's to food, family and good health this holiday season!

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