Donate Car & Booster Seats!

In addition to providing nutritious, healthy foods for our clients, we also run a transportation service for those who have no means of mobility.

Our programs - People on the Move and Ryan White Medical Transportation - take clients to their healthcare, counseling, and other social services appointments.

At times our drivers are faced with a situation where the client has small children who cannot be left at home alone for the duration of the appointment.

Moveable Feast is looking for donations of car and booster seats. Please contact Emily at esze@mfeast.org if you have one to donate, or just leave a comment on this blog post and we'll get back to you!

New car/booster seats preferred but not required. If donating used, we will check the documentation to be sure the car/booster seat is within safety regulations!
FUN FACT: Over the course of 2010, the People on the Move program transported our clients a total distance of 28,194 miles. The Ryan White Medical Transportation program traversed 32,843 miles over the year, helping a total of 196 clients. 

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