Delicious Culinary Luncheon

Last Friday, Moveable Feast staff and volunteers were treated to a delicious culinary lunch!

As part of our culinary skills training program, run by Chef Damon and Instructor Aaron, the culinary students must prepare, present, and serve a series of lunches. Everyone who partakes of the lunch fills out a quick survey and gives feedback about the food, helping the students improve their skills.

Here are some pictures from last Friday!

Some of the available food choices: minestrone soup, green beans, pasta, and sausage in homemade tomato marinade.

Serving up dessert!

Students give an explanation of the meal, in particular, how it was cooked, presented, and served.

Students serving food!

Delicious mozzarella and tomato salad.

Pot of homemade soup. Yummy!

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Lester Mendez said...

Looks so Yummy! Graving for pasta and sausage : )

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