"Let's Dish! & Dine Out" Contest

This month, we'll be having one of our biggest contests yet!

In honor of Baltimore Restaurant Week (Jan. 21-30th) and Baltimore County Restaurant Week (Jan. 14-28th), Moveable Feast is proud to announce the "Let's Dish! & Dine Out" contest

The prize will be a fantastic gift card to Let's Dish!, a fun and engaging meal cooking and delivery service, headquartered on Old Court Road. 

How does Let's Dish! work? "There are lots of ways to dish. You can assemble the meals yourself (the original!) at an In-Store Session, or have us do the customized assembly for you (we call it “Dish-n-Dash”). You can place an order online for DishDelivery (our newest and most convenient service), pop in last-minute to select a Ready Made meal or two (or more!), or get the gang together for a Private Party."

How can you enter the contest? 

There are two ways to enter the contest: 
  1. Dine out at a 2010 Dining Out For Life restaurant (see list below) and take a photo of your food. E-mail the photo and your name to Emily at esze@mfeast.org.
  2. OR, if you don't feel like dining out this month, e-mail your name and your favorite recipe to Emily at esze@mfeast.org.
All entries must be submitted by Sunday, February 13th. 


Valid restaurants include: 

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