iPhone & Breast Cancer

Pretty cool news out of Annapolis - Severna Park. 

Teacher Richard Zmuda at the Severn School has created an iPhone app that compiles and distributes the latest information about breast cancer treatment, research, and initiatives.

Drawing off of his personal experiences with his wife's breast cancer, Zmuda knew that a big obstacle to patients today is easy and clear access to accurate information. So in the 1990s, he began writing an email newsletter that was distributed to a few area hospitals, doctors, and nonprofits. Local doctors praised his newsletter for its accuracy and helpfulness to patients. But he wanted to reach farther.

Now, with an iPhone app whose download costs a one-time fee of just 99 cents, anyone can access Zmuda's newsletters and their wealth of information.

Pretty cool. And now, with the iPhone being offered on the Verizon network, we're hopeful that Zmuda's app will become even more popular. The more you know, the better prepared you are to fight your disease.

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