Clients Hit Hard by BED BUGS!

Several clients in this past month of home visits have bed bug infestations in their homes.  Unfortunately, according the Maryland laws, unless bed bugs have spread into multiple units, the renter is responsible for extermination costs.  Not only must our clients pay for extermination costs of around $250, but they must also throw out their mattresses, linens, couches, and sometimes all their clothing and shoes and then figure out replacements.   

This week, our dietitian Jinee, visited William who has had bed bugs for the past two weeks.  His landlord has agreed to set up the bed bug treatment on Monday, but William has no idea how he is going to throw out his couch and bed let alone get new ones.  William is 5’9” 110lbs.  He has struggled for several months to build his weight and his strength.  Right now, with the bed bug problem, he sleeps on his old leather office chair to stay away from the bed bugs, keeping him up all night, and adding one more barrier to his ability to achieve a healthier self.   

Can you help William and other clients in similar predicaments?

Photo credit: Mattress Warehouse
Ways to Help!

·         Donate your time
o   Do you have availability and the ability to help move and throw out bed ridden furniture?  Or to deliver new furniture?

·         Donate furniture
o   Couch, loveseat, mattress, mattress box

·         Donate linens & clothing
o   If you have new or gently used clean clothing or new shoes to donate, please email Jinee to check on sizes needed.
o   If you would like to donate new bedding, most of our clients need full or queen sized fitted sheets, flat sheets, blankets, comforters, pillows, and pillow cases.

·         Donate bed bug covers
o   These would be a good thing to give to any of our clients! Here are a few links:

Contact Dietitian Jinee Burdg at jburdg@mfeast.org for more information!

Thanks for all you do to improve quality of life for our clients. 


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