Divapalooza: Cinco de Gayo!

Mark your calendars folks, and get your tickets while they last! Our favorite Divas and Divos have announced yet another great Divapalooza theme - Cinco de Gayo - for this year's 2012 performance on May 4th and May 5th.

The Divas and Divos, using their "self-proclaimed" talents, provide a hilarious and entertaining evening, of which all proceeds are donated to charity. Last year, they raised over $70,000 for Moveable Feast!

Tickets go on sale today at 7pm. The only way to order tickets is by sending an email to sam@divapalooza.com. First come, first served! Sam will contact you with payment information, and orders will be processed as they are received based on the date/time stamp on the email.

Ticket prices? 

  • Premium seating - $150
  • Full tables/Bench - $75 per seat
  • General seating - $50
For more info about Divapalooza 2012 and to sign up for their newsletter, please visit www.Divapalooza.com.

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