AIRS Takes on People On The Move

For the past 12 years, Moveable Feast has developed and grown the program, People on the Move, a free driver training program and shuttle transportation system for people who are experiencing homelessness. Monday through Friday, our drivers made stops at numerous homeless shelters, picking up individuals and dropping them off at different resource centers around Baltimore City, including Health Care for the Homeless, Chase Brexton and the Department of Social Services. 

This week, we are happy to announce that AIRS, a non-profit that provides supportive housing services, will be taking over the facilitation of People on the Move (POTM). POTM has helped to connect countless people to resources which have helped them to get back on their feet, and now AIRS will ensure that many more continue to benefit from this service. 

 To learn more about POTM through AIRS, please contact:

Linda Richardson
Operations Manager
410.576.5070 x31

To learn more about AIRS, click here.

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