Urgent Update from Executive Director Tom Bonderenko

Dear Friends,

This week, I've had to make the painful decision to reduce the services that we provide to our clients.  I've had to do this because we have not received funding from a primary federal grant - the Ryan White Care Act - that we use to provide food to people living with AIDS. 

For the past 3 months, we have continued to care for our clients and have not been reimbursed for these services.  Financially we cannot maintain this level of service, and so I have made the following difficult changes: 

  • Service to our weekly clients will be reduced - clients will receive 36 meals a month, a 50% reduction in food.
  • Our clients who receive daily meals will now only receive 12 meals a week (as opposed to 18) and will only get a delivery 2 days a week, not each day.
  • Affected children of our clients will begin to be removed from service.

These are difficult changes to make and myself and our staff have worked to develop a plan that will allow us to continue serving our clients as fully as possible.  Our goal is that ALL clients will continue to receive some level of food services, and that our most seriously ill clients will be given priority.  For many of the men and women receiving service, Moveable Feast is their only resource for food. 

Please know that the generous support from donors and volunteers, like you, has given us the ability to continue providing services over the past 3 months, even without the funding from the grant.  Additionally, you have helped us to remain strong since the recession began in the Fall of 2008.  We have not had to remove any clients from service or reduce the food we provide to them because time and again, our donors and volunteers support us and value our work to FEED people, FIGHT disease and FOSTER hope. 

I need your support again during this difficult time.  Please, donate today, and don't forget to Dine Out for Life on September 22nd.  Your generosity continues to make a difference.

Thank you for caring about our clients and the work that we do.  We will continue to keep you informed through our website, social media and email communication. 


Tom Bonderenko 

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